Shaleshock Action Alliance
Coalition for Peace Action'

Professional Background  
Leigha Cohen IMDb
NJ State Assembly Citation for her volunteer Work for Peace.

2012 Leigha directed and produced the video 99% Solution. The film covers challenges to the availability
of fresh water throughout the world and locally in NJ. The 22 minute documentary
99% Solution.was
selected as a finalist in the NJ 2012 NJ Film Festival
99% Solution Review

Other Films include:

Groundswell Rising  Contributing Producer and Filmmaker (2014) Viewed at Multiple Film Festivals
I am David Bryant  Filmmaker, Sound and Editing (2014)  Nassau Film Festival, Princeton NJ
Interviews of Leigha
2012 NJ Film Festival including Leigha's Interview with Al Nigrin  
Youtube Channel
Professional Associations
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Notable People Filmed
Noam Chomsky (7), Amy Goodman,(3) Chris Hedges,(7), Paul Krugman,Salman Rusdie, Judith Butler, Dwayne
"Mr Fish" Booth,
Dr.Trita Parsi, Medea Benjamin, Cornell West "3", Norman Finkelstein, Maude Barlow, Andrew
DR. Helen Caldicott, Hillary Mann Leverett
Higher Educational Schools Filmed At
Princeton University(5), MIT(3), Institute for Advanced Studies, Northeastern University, University of Connecticut
ast Stroudsburg University, Cooper Union, Harvard, Brandeis

Public Access TV Programs
My new Show "A Progressive Voice" is seen on 24 stations and has a viewership of 1.4 Million households in
10 states within the US